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Video Marketing

Video Content Marketing

Marketing your video ensures that it is not only viewed, but shared, commented on, and used to enhance your brand. It’s an effective way of connecting with new customers, developing existing customer relationships, and building trust and loyalty. As part of an SEO campaign, it boosts site traffic and increases onsite engagement and conversions.

Our Professional Video Marketing Services

You’ve got a great web video, now it’s a matter of ensuring it’s viewed often, shared frequently, and compliments your existing marketing efforts. Here’s how it’s done.

Video Marketing Strategy

The project begins with a thorough audit of your industry and your key objectives, which helps to identify the most effective way to position your video online.

Video SEO

To achieve brand engagement and conversions, your video needs to be seen by your target audience. Positioning is key. Increased click-through rates and extend time spent on site boosts SEO ranking.

Video Content Repurposing

Your video, when repurposed, can reach a variety of different target audiences, in a number of different ways. Your tailored video content, plus written content to reinforce the message, boosts engagement and improves ROI.

YouTube Channel Makeover

Make an impact on the world’s biggest video sharing platform. Appropriate tags, titles and descriptions help to ensure that your YouTube channel is attractive to your target demographic. It also helps boost SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Dynamic, strategic and engaging social media posts ensure that your videos are viewed, shared and talked about online, generating maximum exposure for your brand.

Video Advertising Campaign

Using a targeted blend of campaigns, ads and ad groups; plus a solid creative direction and design, your video will be published to generate attention from your target demographic.