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Backend Flutter Laravel Mobile App


Krushin is a free anonymous online dating app that allows you to chat with the people you have a crush on. We give you the confidence to ask your crush on a date or simply chat with them and tell them how you feel without the fear of rejection and embarrassment.

You can also use Krushin to share your deepest secrets with someone or tell that annoying boss of yours how you really feel. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to reach out anonymously you have found the right app.

Krushin™ is the top free anonymous chatting app, making it the ideal place to anonymously chat with people. Whether you want to tell your crush how you feel about them, need to get something off your chest, or just want to chat.

Check out some of the features:

– Chat with anyone anywhere 100% anonymously
– Send/receive gifts anonymously
– Block potential and current crush requests from anyone (they’ll never know)
– Delete message history

  • Skills

    Flutter, Laravel, MySQL, Firebase

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