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Grow Your Online Business by Creating more Clickable Responsive Display Ads

Bhavik Limbani - April 3, 2019 - 0 comments

2018 display ads by default ads type as a Responsive in the google ads experience.

Features include

  • All features of responsive ads
  • Automatically adjust their Size, Appearance, and format
  • Allow multiple assets of each type
  • Assets you enter, including logos, headlines, images, videos, and descriptions


Benefits of responsive Display Ads

You can Optimize your ads

  • Upload different assets into Google Ads
  • Google use Machine Learning for the best Ads Solution for your Ads as per your Past Ads History

Reach Audience as you want

  • You can upload Multiple assets in one asset type.
  • Google code work for your Ads to be set on all the screen size with all the dimensions.
  • You can use your products video instead of other image and text, Video gives you more audience.

Time is always valuable

  • Using responsive display ads, you can reduce your overhead for managing ad portfolios within ad groups and campaigns, and dedicate more time to performance improvement.

Can be used with dynamic remarketing:

  • You can make your responsive display ads support dynamic remarketing by attaching a feed to your campaigns.
  • Responsive ads show personalized content to customers from a feed you control and add to your campaign.
  • If you add a feed to your campaign, your ads will show in both dynamic and static formats.

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