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Google Cloud Functions VS AWS Lambda

Bhavik Limbani - December 23, 2018 - 0 comments

Google Cloud Functions & AWS Lambda

Here is a quick recap of the main functionalities of both products:

Scalability & availability Automatic scaling (transparently) Automatic scaling
Max # of functions Unlimited functions 20 functions per project (during alpha)
Concurrent executions 100 parallel executions per account per region (default safety throttle) No limit
Max execution time 300 seconds (5 minutes) No limit
Supported Languages  JavaScript, Java and Python Only Javascript
Dependencies Deployment Packages npm package.json
Deployments Only ZIP upload (to Lambda or S3) ZIP upload, Cloud Storage or Cloud Source Repositories
Versioning Versions and aliases Cloud Source branch/tag
Event-driven Event Sources (S3, SNS, SES, DynamoDB, Kinesis, CloudWatch) Cloud Pub/Sub or Cloud Storage Object Change Notifications
HTTP(S) invocation API Gateway HTTP trigger
Logs management  CloudWatch  Cloud Logging
In-browser code editor Only if you don’t have dependencies Only with Cloud Source Repositories
Granular IAM IAM Roles Not yet
Pricing 1M requests for free (Free Tier), then $0.20/1M requests Unknown until open beta

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