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Developing Image Recognition Android app by using Google Cloud Vision API

Bhavik Limbani - November 9, 2018 - 0 comments

Supported Image Analysis Techniques in Cloud Vision API on Android

In general Google Cloud Vision API supports many types of image analysis techniques. Be it optical character recognition, landmark detection or a simple logo detection. Cloud vision API does it very accurately. Also, the best part about this API is that; it’s cross-platform and is available via API access, which results in very lightweight applications. Also since this technology is comparatively new, there is a lot of scope for improvement. And while that’s happening behind the scenes we don’t need to worry about the changing code-base as basically, it’s just an API call. Moving on let’s have a look at the supported Android image recognition techniques.


One of the most basic types of techniques available in Android Cloud Vision API is the label detection. This allows the API to analyse image content and list out all the items contained in it individually. Have a look at the image I uploaded:

1 LABEL_DETECTION-Strategizing-for-app-success


Another interesting type of image analysis technique in Google Cloud Vision API is this text detection feature. It allows us to extract out the text from an image. My personal opinion is that this feature alone could turn out to be the torchbearer for the whole Cloud Vision API suite.


Google has gathered so much of data that now they can even identify a landmark, by just scanning through its picture. In a way it might just sound a little scary, but this image recognition technique is equally powerful and useful. Imagine how useful it could be in adding caption on your vacation images automatically.

3 LANDMARK_DETECTION-Android-Image-Recognition


By using the new Cloud Vision API you can also identify some of the popular logos. Although when I tried this API with some logos, it wasn’t able to identify most of them. But, maybe in future this will get improved.


This is also one the very powerful features of the Google Cloud Vision API. This allows us to mark the number of faces in a picture. It also helps in identifying the placement of individual facial features in an image. By using this image recognition technique on Android we can highlight a face with a polygon very easily.


This technique allows us to detect inappropriate images. This could majorly help in moderation of images when performing a server to server integration. Currently it supports four types of annotations adult, spoof, medical and violence.


Android Cloud Vision API also provides a way to identify the dominant colors in an image. In a way this feature would not be very much used on Android as a great alternative in form of Palette library is already available, through which dominant colors can be identified.

4 IMAGE_PROPERTIES-Android-Image-Recognition-2

Let share your idea with us to develop an app using Google Cloud API. Connect with us for similar Mobile App Development with Google Cloud Vision API.

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